Washington, DC

Full-Stack Developer
Project Manager

A key resource in any size project, bringing an abundance of skill in the areas of systems integration, web development, design, project management and systems architecture. It’s with his entrepreneurial spirit and technical enthusiasm that allows him to engage new technologies and also appropriately introduce them to environments that clearly can benefit from the technical advantages of today’s IT applications. He has worked with DoD, DHS, Commercial Clients, and other venture entrepreneurs that enjoy the rewards of leveraging COTs and GOTs products such as: Drupal, SharePoint, Microsoft CRM, Mobile Frameworks, Oracle BI, and other enterprise systems.

Alex is currently fully engaged in providing full service consulting services to local area businesses specializing in Drupal Web Content Management Systems. His clients primarily are gratified that he can provide the full spectrum of the systems lifecycle that includes full professional branding/design, requirements, development, maintenance, SEO, social, and future web marketing/growth strategies.

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