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Buffalo, NY

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i am a drupal samurai for hire, based in buffalo, new york usa. 10+ years drupal, 20+ years web. my speciality is killer front end design- especially utilizing the bootstrap 3 framework for drupal, which i find to be the best. my standard 'drupal jobs' email follows [below], with more info and links to some current sites. but this may perk your interest, perhaps- right from the jump- as i am using bootstrap 3, to absolutely crush google, and their own pagespeed insights testing service: with a perfect score of 100/100 on both mobile and desktop, on one of my latest sites. what is even more interesting, is that this is being done with a drupal 7 site that is loaded for bear- over 700 modules live in the sites/all/modules directory- and tons of custom libraries and plugins, all using css and java that any one of which could throw off my score. as of this writing, i know of no other site on the net, that equals this score of 100/100- and obviously it can't exceed it! and as a frame of reference, is only scoring 70/100 at the desktop level- and only a horrible 58/100 at the mobile level- please take a look at the info below- and let me know if you want to do a call sometime, and look at your project / job. and thanks for your consideration- vincent lesh 716.939.1967 ### i am a drupal samurai for hire, based in buffalo, ny usa. 10+ years drupal, 20+ years web i design, develop and consult as needed- with many happy clients across the usa, canada, uk and europe. i specialize in clean front end, responsive design that looks and works great, across all browsers, and devices. i am also experienced in all aspects of performance tuning apache / php / mysql- to combine with drupal to make for a powerful site & server environment. one of my current best sites, is for a company out of amsterdam- is a killer drupal 7 site: – with a valid html5 responsive theme. – custom views and nodequeues. – large, responsive design images, videos and slideshows, and inline image galleries- yet it still loads fast and clean. – seo monster, google loves the site, and its output / content- because of how its produced. please let me know if you would like to do a call and look at your job, and discuss the details for same- and see if you think i can be an asset to your project. references available on request, or fee free to just contact any of these sample clients- Jack Boeger John Prise Jim Bowes a few other recent sites: i am a drupal fanatic with an extensive depth of experience across all aspects- of what it takes to design, develop, launch and support a powerful, world-class drupal site. thanks for your consideration- vincent lesh 716.939.1967
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