Lafayette Hill, PA

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  I am a Philadelphia-area independent contractor in software and web development with extensive experience in designing web applications. For the last several years I have specialized in Drupal development, attaining proficiency in Drupal theming (PHP templates, CSS, JavaScript), constructing sophisticated Drupal Views for data visualization and writing custom back-end modules, as well as setting up and running LAMP stack on a local server and on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). My high levels of motivation, attention to details, responsiveness and clear communication skills have allowed me to successfully lead a number of large software and web development projects. Listed below are links to some recent websites that I have developed in Drupal, seeing the projects through from the earliest stages of front-end design and theming to writing custom modules and then deploying and hosting on the Amazon Cloud: 1. Recently launched Drupal 7 site with a custom theme designed using Photoshop PSD files: http://families.naeyc.org 2. APA Placement Services online store with a custom workflow developed for American Philological Association: http://placement.apaclassics.org 3. A multi-site installation including online store for National Association for Education of Young Children on Drupal 6 / Ubercart 2 platform : www.naeyc.org/store 4. A bilingual website built with i18n module: http://www.ashihara-contact.com/ 5. e-commerce site with a custom theme, also developed from ground up using Photoshop PSD files: http://www.dna2diamonds.com You can see my portfolio of featured projects at http://www.calmforce.com I have been selected as an approved provider of Web Development Services for University of Pennsylvania and built a number of departmental and educational programs web sites. I have done also a number of digital video related mobile projects for Android OS in Java and Native Development Kit.
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